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•8N-PC8100 Performante Standard length is 1.5m. Special length order is available


Conductor : Stressfree 8N Cu 0.37ø x 50 strands
Insulation material : High molecular Polyolefin Resin (Black & White & Green)
1st Inner sleeve : High molecular Polyolefin + tungsten + amorphous + carbon powder
2nd Inner sleeve : Polyolefin with Resonance control powder
Final shielding : Polyurethane enameled braided wire + Silver plated copper wire (Black & Silver)
Outer sleeve : UV resistant Polyurethane
Conductor resistance : 3.3 mΩ/m
Cable diameter : 16.0mm

Power plug & IEC connector
Contact parts : Beryllium copper
Plating : Silver layered rhodium (polished before plating)
Body : Special resin + brass + carbon fiber + aluminum
Noise beat tape is a anti EMI tape which has being developed by NTT Advance Technology Ltd (NTT=Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)
The standard, the specification, and the price of the product might change without a previous notice.
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